Accessible and disabled friendly environments are essential if people with disabilities are to be included within the wider community. All public places should be designed so that all members of society can access them. In order to allow with disabilities people equality of access to employment, offices and workplaces should also take account of their needs.

In December 2013 Khalid Al Kamda, director general, of the Community Development Authority pointed out that, “Making the whole of Dubai a disabled people-friendly city requires the combined efforts of government authorities, [private companies] and public benefit organisations to identify the gaps and work toward addressing them.”

The Dubai Chamber Senior Vice Chairman, Essa Ali Al Zaabi said “being employed is critical for the wellbeing of people with special needs and is a great asset for their psychological, social, cultural and economic wellbeing. However, a vast majority of these individuals don’t enjoy the privilege of having a job to learn from, develop, and contribute to the socio-economic development as many employers lack the know-how to mine hidden talent among the group.” April 2014

Making a service more accessible can produce benefits in terms of the public perception of a service provider, increasing the attractiveness of a brand. Companies wishing to look at how to spend their CSR budget may gain publicity and enhanced public perception through engaging with this important agenda.

What benefits those with a disability can also often improve things for those who do not.