The UAE Disability Act requires that:
- Public and private schools must provide equal access to all children.
- No school in the UAE can refuse the admission of a child with special needs.
- Schools must not hold back or fail students with special needs.

Collaboration between leading educational institutes and social services was identified by the Community Development Authority in 17 Dec 2013 as a principle challenge when moving towards Dubai as a disabled-friendly city.

The KHDA stated that modification of the curriculum for children with special/additional needs was one of the key areas that needed improvement in our schools. (Key Findings 2013-2014 Inspection of Private Schools)

The Ministry of Education has explained how Federal Law is to be applied in education. ‘School for All: General Rules for the Provision of Special Education Programs and Services (Public and Private Schools)’ explains how the needs of children and young people are to be met within schools. The guidance provides:

> a duty to educate children and young people in a mainstream context wherever possible
> a recognition of the different types of special needs that schools will encounter
> a requirement for children with special needs to be assessed through a multi-discipline process
> a requirement for individualised learning approaches based upon rigorous evaluation, curriculum differentiation and review
> a requirement for Individual Learning Plans for children with special needs
> a recognition of the vital role that parents can play in the education of their children.

Ebdaah has been set up to provide training to schools on special needs and inclusion in order to help them make excellent progress in this area. We want the inclusion policies of schools to be implemented in a way that will enhance the life of all students in the school. We train and support schools in all areas of disability so that teachers and other staff can feel confident and equipped to include children with additional needs in their classes in a positive and successful way.

For that the following three elements are needed within schools:

1. a school leadership that understands and can drive the necessary  change,
2. quality learning environment that meets the needs of pupils,
3. strong partnership with parents and other services.

This we deliver through a professional development programme, and by offering advice and support on a bespoke basis to individual schools or clusters of schools.

We invite you to work with us to shape the future of education in Dubai.