Assisting People with Disabilities

‘Assist individuals with disabilities’ is usually included in job descriptions for employees within the hospitality sector. But how well trained are staff to fulfill this important role? What knowledge do they have of the types of disabilities they may come across and do they know how to meet these needs in a manner that is both sensitive and appropriate?

In the UK 9 million people are living with a disability, and there they already have an estimated spending power of 480 billion AED per year – services that are accessible for all will have greater access to this valuable market.

Disabled people will consistently return to hotels where access and service is good, and actively avoid those where it is bad. Disabled travellers post about their experiences on blogs; travellers with disabilities wanting to visit somewhere for the first time read these blogs for guidance when trying to decide what they are going to do.

Ebdaah provides training in disability awareness for staff and can equip staff to cascade awareness training throughout your organization.

Board Members and CEOs: know your responsibilities under International and federal law and make the appropriate changes in a managed manner. Understand the business case for improving provision for disabled clients and employees.

Senior and Middle Managers, team leaders: understand how to lead your teams to deliver better services and experience for all.

General staff: gain understanding and confidence to deal correctly and well with individuals with disabilities within the workplace.