Summary Vision

Ebdaah exists to help transform the lives of people with disability in the Middle East.

Ebdaah enables opportunity...

…as a specialist training and capacity building consultancy, that delivers support and solutions to staff and organisations in the area of disability management to transform the lives of people with special needs in the Middle East.

…by empowering people with disabilities through developing understanding, creating opportunity and building accessible environments.

Why should you engage with the disability agenda?

It makes financial sense – there is a good business case to be made for organisations to offer services to those with disabilities. It makes legal sense – federal law is changing to ensure those with disabilities do not face barriers to accessing services and opportunities to participate. Those who fail to comply will find themselves facing increasing pressure to come into line. It makes moral sense – it’s the right thing to do to remove obstacles that prevent people following their hopes and ambitions.

We invite you to work with us to shape the future of provision for those with disability.

Are you an individual with a disability, or are you someone who cares for someone with a disability? Are you interested in shaping the future of provision for those with disability? Then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Sectors of Our Expertise